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Vox has a depressing list outlining the reality of violence that women face in the United States every day:

1. Most women experience physical abuse in their lifetime

2. Nearly one-quarter of women experience a physical or sexual assault by an intimate partner

3. Seven in ten assaults against women are perpetrated by an intimate partner

4. One in five women are raped in their lifetime

5. One in thirteen murder victims are killed by their husband or boyfriend

6. One in ten women has a head or spinal cord injury as a result of physical assault

7. But most assault victims don’t receive medical care

8. Eighteen percent of mass shooters have a domestic violence charge

9. Rates of sexual assault are declining

Why are straight white men’s rights activists are so insistent that women don’t need feminism? Why are online reactionaries so upset with “social justice warriors” for pointing these issues out?

Is the above reality the one they expect women to be satisfied with?

I suppose that’s why “the abuser’s lobby” is such an apt name for the men’s rights movement.

One in five though

"There’s no war against women"

Part of me is intensely curious as to how the figures would change if more people both men and women were comfortable enough to report things…

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where did this website’s sudden obsession with skeletons come from

From inside ourselves.

fcugn no first of alll;, you do not come into my house with your bullshit skeleton puns do u wanna fucking fite I could take like 5 shitty skeltons don’t test me

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I can fucking hear the sounds it makes


I can fucking hear the sounds it makes

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Tako (Octopus) Scarf


Tako (Octopus) Scarf


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Ok so when i went to this church retreat thing this guy was telling us a story about his friend who was sitting on a plane next to Eminem the rapper but she had no clue that it was him ok. So he like looked at her and was like ” you arent going to ask for an autograph or anything??” and she was like “what?” He was all like “im eminem!” and literally she had the most confused look her face bc she had no idea  who he was and her response was, “and I’m skittles?”

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Stop saying your facial expressions out loud, it’s extremely annoying.

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Finishing homework at 4am


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me 11:59 September 30th


me 12:00 October 1st


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